Shapes of Logic 2017
International Conference of Computational Design

Everything can be automated.

Our home, the city around it, the way we travel, the things we buy and the places we go.
Our work, the designs we make, the decisions we take, our engineering and our art.

Recent advancements in technology have proven to affect virtually every field of human activity. We are facing great changes and in our hands is the ability to make the world a better place. However the future poses us tough questions. To answer them we need experts from a wide variety of areas – architects, designers, urban planners, engineers, sociologists, philosophers, programmers and others.

How can we design for the future to come?
Can we avoid the dangers of modernity without rejection of technological progress?
Which directions should we take to improve qualities of our space and environment?

The goal of this year’s Shapes of Logic Conference is to facilitate a discussion on the subjects of architecture, design and urban planning in the context of global technological progress. The main areas of interest will be robotics, digital fabrication, computation and broadly understood automation.

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The goal of Shapes of Logic conference is to exchange opinions, knowledge and contacts

  • Opinions on application and the role of modern technologies in design process and the future of the discipline known as parametric design,
  • Knowledge concerning the use of technologies and methodology which will help to promote new ideas,
  • Contacts enabling the designers and investors to find potential partners offering services which are unique for the Polish market.