Shapes of Logic 2017 – Main Subject Blocks

Design Automation

Computation, Parametric Design, Generative Design, etc.

In this block we encourage you to share your research concerning the automation of broadly understood design process. How can computer science improve the way we create ideas and draw plans? What new possibilities are arising thanks to the technological progress?

theme 3

Digital Fabrication and Robotics

3d Printing, Robotic Assembly, CNC Milling, etc.

Advancement in fabrication process has opened many new paths during previous years. Are we about to face a new revolution in the way we make things? Can automation reach the realm of physicality in architecture and design industries?

theme 4

Visions of the Future

Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Economy, etc.

What is going to be with us? Are we going to reach radical levels of automation in the perceivable future? If so, how will it affect politics, economy, culture? Or maybe it is all just an illusion? Maybe singularity is actually quite far away?