Wrocław University of Technology and Faculty of Architecture

Founded in 1945, Wrocław University of Technology is one of the largest and most renowned technical universities in Poland. We cooperate with universities, research institutions and companies in Poland and abroad.

Faculty of Architecture is one of the best architectural schools in Poland. Our position has been confirmed in 2003 by the KAUT accreditation (Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology) and in 2006 by the Polish Accreditation Committee granting accreditation with distinction for Architecture and Urban Planning specialization. Our students can be proud of numerous successes in architectural competitions at international level.

Students’ government of the Faculty of Architecture organizes a number of events during the academic year, such as various parties as well as architectural workshops (eg. Reachtywacja and Przestrzeń Wspólna).


Laboratory of Digital Fabrication is an academic club active since 2010. We try to solve problems occurring during the architectural design process by applying parametric design, which is an interdisciplinary field. We started with parametric techniques, but our interest extended over time to generative and evolutionary design, video mapping, digital fabrication, interactive installations and objects, 3D printing. As part of our activities we conduct lectures, workshops, design groups and training.

  • We actively promote digital fabrication technologies, in particular 3D printing. We regularly organize training courses of 3D printing covering the skills needed to operate Zmorph 3d printer. Thanks to our activity, 3d printer is now available for all students.
  • In 2012, in collaboration with Jawor Design Studio, we designed and built parametric pavilion with optimized structure. The project was qualified to final stage of the Bentley Be Inspired competition in category Innovation in Generative Design.
  • In December 2012, an exhibition Parametric and Generative Architecture – revelation or evil was presented by our group , arousing widespread interest and attracting over 200 guests to the vernissage in SARP Wrocław headquarters.
  • In 2013 and 2014 the group prepared a series of art installations based on video mapping, sound and interaction at events such as: Lower Silesian Festival of Science, Ethics in the architect profession conference in Museum of Architecture, SF&Fantasy Days in the Zamek Culture Centre, as well as the concert of Goste (US musician) in the Puzzle club.
  • The artistic pavilion designed by members of LabDigiFab was completed in Krasnoyarsk, winning second place at the Architecture of Eastern Siberia festival in 2014.

We also participate in design and implementation of sculpture that advertises Wrocław European Capital of Culture 2016. The representatives of our group will also hold workshops during the Advances in Architectural Geometry event at University College London.