Recommended acommodation

We would like to recommended you some hotels and hostels in Wrocław.
For every proposition we present a distance to the Museum of Architecture and estimated prize of one night.

Modern Hostel ul. Sikorskiego
MA distance – 2,7 km (by car), 2km (by foot)

Modern Hostel pl. Św. Macieja
MA distance – 2 km (by car), 1,7km (by foot)

Boogie Hostel Deluxe ul. Białoskórnicza
MA distance – 1,7 km (by car), 1,2km (by foot)

Boogie Hostel ul. Ruska
MA distance – 2,4 km (by car), 1,5km (by foot)

Qubus Hotel Wrocław ul. Św. Marii Magdaleny
MA distance – 600 m (by foot)

Hotel Mercure Wrocław Centrum
MA distance – 150 m (by foot)

Hotel IBIS Styles Wrocław Centrum
MA distance – 1,3 km (by car), 1,3 m (by foot)